Preacher / Darkness Crossover

Fifteen years later, I am still waiting on Ennis and Silvestri to team up for a Preacher / Darkness crossover.  I can just see it now: Herr Starr, seeking revenge against Jesse Custer for making his head look like a giant penis, decides the Grail will do better to find itself a new messiah… in one Jackie Estacado.

ESTACADO: “…the hell are you supposed to be, Sonatine’s Kraut cousin?”

DARKLING #1: “Or what’s left of him!”

ESTACADO: “No, fuck this secret-society bullshit.  I’ve got enough of my own problems to worry about without getting dragged into the Second Coming.”

DARKLING #2: “Hey boss, does this guy’s head kinda remind you of something?”

[DARKLING #3 gets ahold of the special “device” contained within Herr Starr’s briefcase.]

DARKLING #3: “Yo, Jackie! Look at me — I’m a unicorn!”


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