January Peeved Me



FACEBOOK: Closet Monsters


We’ve had quite the infestation of bad monsters in Mommy’s closet as of late.  We’ve tried ordering them away, getting the good monsters who live in ••••’s closet to order them away — hell, •••• even threatened to EAT the monsters last night if they didn’t go away — but to no avail.

So now ••’s come up with an ingenious plot to PAY OFF the monsters so that they’ll leave Mommy’s closet once and for all.  If bribery doesn’t work, I don’t know what will.

FACEBOOK: My Kid is the Cutest Thing


So we hit up ••••••••• Frozen Custard last night, and before I could even place our order, the woman behind the counter said, “Honey, I don’t usually comment on kids one way or another, but that has to be the cutest little child I have ever laid eyes on.”

The entire time we were there, she kept gushing over how adorable •• is and what a cute pair we made in our matching leather jackets. 🙂

Fetus ≠ Person


The Unborn Victims of Violence Act is a complete joke. It was designed to undermine abortion by granting personhood to embryos and fetuses.

Causing the death/destruction of an embryo or fetus should be considered an aggravating circumstance, and the perpetrator should absolutely be held civilly liable for any pain & suffering, emotional distress, and financial losses caused by their actions. But to treat an embryo the same way you would an actual human victim is not merely irrational — it’s grossly offensive.