Change isn’t easy. It’s difficult to say goodbye to those who have played a major role in your child’s upbringing and for whom you yourself have formed a very really attachment.

That being said, I’m adjusting to the new Wiggles better than I’d expected. Except for Simon, whom I’m pretty sure I once saw on a sex offender registry. And Lachlan, since I’ve yet to figure out exact why he’s there. (Sex appeal to the cougar moms, perhaps? Try again.)

So I suppose that really just leaves Emma, the new female Wiggle. I am surprisingly tolerant of her. Probably because she isn’t just some walking gimmick with titties geared towards capturing the attentions of a new generation of demasculinized preschoolers. She actually has some talent and has been touring with them for a while now — as Wags, Dorothy, and even a Wiggly dancer.

Anthony and Captain Feathersword are still there, and Greg, Jeff, and Murray have all made frequent cameos, so I suppose that is helping me cope. Just don’t expect Sam to make an appearance. He didn’t exactly part ways with the band farting rainbows.


We Have Air Conditioning!! \m/


So for a couple of years now, I’d been under the impression that the air conditioning wasn’t activated by the office until the beginning of May. Since it is now May 11th and — as of noon — the temperature of our apartment had hit 85 degrees, I decided to call the leasing office. Apparently, I was not the first person to do so.

It turns out that I have — and have always had — complete control over the air conditioning. But after careful investigation, it was discovered that the previous management (the transfer took place at the end of March) had neglected to fill the outside tanks with the necessary refrigerant. The tanks are supposed to be cleaned out / refilled some time in March, yet it looks as if the previous company had made a practice of not performing the necessary maintenance until May — presumably as a means of cutting costs.

I suppose that would explain why the office staff would always get so evasive whenever I’d call to inquire about the A/C status.

It also turns out that many of the tanks had been mislabeled and improperly serviced — some showed signs of not having been cleaned out in years. Luckily, ours was an easy fix. 🙂

Just another reason I’m glad the property has changed hands. Hopefully now I won’t be receiving any more mistaken eviction notices (for failing to resign my lease almost two weeks after I HAD resigned) or cure-or-quit notices for allegedly storing bizarre, hazardous shit out on my balcony that I don’t even own.



There’s a book I’ve been recommending to many of my friends: ‘Raptor,’ by Gary Jennings. I first discovered it (i.e., stole it from my father) when I was in junior high, and I read it again at some point in high school. I picked it up a third time just the other day, and it’s even better than I’d remembered.

It’s a historical fiction about a hermaphrodite in the final days of the Roman Empire. (If that doesn’t capture your interest, nothing will.) Although the story is told as a first-person “memoir,” the writing style very much reminds me of GRRM: the elaborate histories (in this case, very much grounded in fact), the graphic (and quite often disturbing) violence and gore, and the surprising depth to characters who might otherwise have come across as reprobate and shallow. (Think Jaime Lannister.)

A very, very good read. And a means of alleviating those feelings of hopelessness and despondency that inevitably arise when one has to wait YEARS for a new Ice & Fire book.

No dragons or zombies, though. :-\