Facebook Crap


I’m scrolling through my Facebook newsfeed, and there is a link to an op-ed about a voting law which allegedly discriminates against women… because it requires anyone whose surname differs from the one on their ID to provide “the entire chain of documents that connects their current name with birth name.” (Clearly meant to deny women the vote.)

There is also a video of four young women dressed like bag ladies “destroying the female stereotype” by reciting a poem about how women should be allowed to choose their own costumes on Halloween.

There are a couple of posts about God & Country, some Evil Israeli conspiracy crap, but for the most part, it’s as if some virtual avante-garde trophy were up for grabs and everyone is rushing to outdo one another.


Sock Poppet


Can’t quite see this woman as a murdering psychopath.  She could have easily picked a more direct means of offing the babe, but instead she sticks it in a closet with a sock over its mouth, knowing full well that her husband would only be gone for a short period of time?  I’m guessing she was frustrated, mentally ill, depressed, and almost certainly sleep-deprived.

And an attempted murder charge is simply ridiculous.  If she had wanted to kill the baby, I cannot imagine how it would have survived.  Besides, murder is an act which involves killing a person, and a three-month-old baby does not qualify as a person.  This poor woman could be looking at a good 20-25 years behind bars — if not more!  There really needs to be a separate code of infanticide laws in this country, and “attempted infanticide” shouldn’t even be on the books.  (I mean, how fucking hard can it be to kill an infant?!)

If it were up to me, I’d slap her with some general “infant maltreatment” misdemeanor charge, order her to get help, and release the baby to the husband (under CPS’s watchful eye) on the condition that she not be allowed back inside the house until mental health professionals and Child Protective Services agreed it was safe.

Tuf Voyaging


Move this to the top of your reading list: A socially-awkward man of integrity and ingenuity travels throughout the galaxy in an immense “Ark” of long-forgotten genetic data/technology, dabbling in “ecological engineering” while resolving global catastrophes.  If that’s not enough to capture your interest, he’s also a vegetarian who prefers the company of cats to people.  Oh, and it’s written by GRRM. 😉

A Family Ménage à Trois


Is breastfeeding a baby while having sex an acceptable practice?  Some Babycenter members seem to think so:

I mean, come on!  The reason for feeding babby some of that super-milky-miracle goodness is so far removed from sex that assuming any sort of connection between the two is just plain ridiculous.  The sex needed to continue in peace, but it also wouldn’t have been fair to the hungry babby to make it simply lay watching and waiting.  (Attachment parenting at its finest!)

Besides, sex while breastfeeding isn’t generally a planned encounter; it just sort of happens.  Kinda like going home with a married man you met at a bar.  And nursing relationships are totally complicated anyway, so who are YOU to judge how people get their “intimacy” on?

Sex and breastfeeding are both normal and natural — so they would seem to go hand in hand:

And it’s not as if the baby is going to remember anything when it’s older:

Besides, threesomes with the baby needn’t involve crazy doggy-style sex; most of the time, it’s just gentle spooning.  Breastfeeding sex can be a wonderful, nurturing act and for both mom and dad.  (And for babby too, I guess.)

And it’s not as if you’d ever make him pull out so you could scratch your nose:

You see, every family does things differently.  Different families have different needs, and it’s just plain ignorant to judge others for having sexual trysts with their babies:

The baby probably won’t remember anyway, but on the off-chance that it does, wouldn’t being engaged in a threesome with its parents make the most charming memory?

Even the “experts” evidently recommend this wonderful family bonding experience…

…though it is not generally recommended with extended breastfeeders:

All the same:

Okay; I’m done now.

Gender-Neutral Restroom Legislation


Let’s make one thing absolutely clear: this law has nothing to do with homosexuality; the ‘T’ is simply too controversial to mention in polite conversation without being prefixed with ‘L,’ ‘G,’ and ‘B.’

Why would any transgendered individual wish to use these restrooms unless they were personally facing harassment?  (Which is highly illegal, by the way.)  There are grueling therapies involved in sexual reassignment, and those who undergo the process are generally required to live full time for a least a year as the gender with which they identify.  Afterwards, it’s considered offensive to suggest that they are anything but a “real man” or a “real woman.”

Even those who don’t opt for the full surgery are unlikely to consider themselves gender neutral, seeing that the most basic tenet of transgendered ideology — or whatever you want to call it — is the distinction between sex (body) and gender (mind).  They *know* who and what they are, only some fluke of nature caused them to be born into the “wrong” type of body.

Actually, I can imagine a lot of transgendered people getting offended by this.  It’s almost suggestive of some neo-Jim Crow law sans any “official” enforcement.

Whom do I foresee using these new gender-neutral restrooms?  People who label themselves LGBT-friendly, women who don’t want to wait in line to tinkle during their lunch breaks, voyeuristic men who like to peek in on said women as they tinkle during their lunch breaks, and opposite-sex couples seeking sexual rendezvous at work.  And it’s not too far-fetched to imagine who will get blamed when that first discarded condom is found and reported: the Trannies, or the LGBs to whom they are inexplicably connected.