Sock Poppet

Can’t quite see this woman as a murdering psychopath.  She could have easily picked a more direct means of offing the babe, but instead she sticks it in a closet with a sock over its mouth, knowing full well that her husband would only be gone for a short period of time?  I’m guessing she was frustrated, mentally ill, depressed, and almost certainly sleep-deprived.

And an attempted murder charge is simply ridiculous.  If she had wanted to kill the baby, I cannot imagine how it would have survived.  Besides, murder is an act which involves killing a person, and a three-month-old baby does not qualify as a person.  This poor woman could be looking at a good 20-25 years behind bars — if not more!  There really needs to be a separate code of infanticide laws in this country, and “attempted infanticide” shouldn’t even be on the books.  (I mean, how fucking hard can it be to kill an infant?!)

If it were up to me, I’d slap her with some general “infant maltreatment” misdemeanor charge, order her to get help, and release the baby to the husband (under CPS’s watchful eye) on the condition that she not be allowed back inside the house until mental health professionals and Child Protective Services agreed it was safe.

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