Guide to Responsible Pitbull Ownership

1. Don’t have children or small dogs.

2. If you’re going to get a second dog, don’t get a second pit bull.

3. You need to have your own home with a yard large enough for the dog to run around in and a fence high enough to contain it. In areas that disallow privacy fences, a pit bull obviously isn’t an option.

4. If you have visitors over, keep the dog locked in a bedroom unless/until your visitors are made to understand the risks involved and agree to have it roam free.

5. No kids allowed over unless the dog is safety secured in a bedroom and cannot escape. PERIOD.

6. Take precautions to make sure the dog doesn’t escape from the house. Secure in the hall bathroom or closet before answering the door. Don’t open the garage door until the door inside is shut.

7. During walks, keep the dog away from other dogs. Use a choke collar, and keep it on a leash appropriate for its weight. Do not let anyone pet your dog.

8. Don’t allow the dog on the couch or the bed. The moment you do, you’re setting yourself up for a future struggle over dominance.

9. Keep the dog locked up at night. No used taking precautions during the day and getting eaten while you sleep.

10. In the unfortunate event that your dog does bite someone, take responsibility. Pay the victim’s medical expenses and put the dog down. Now that it has tasted human flesh, it will inevitably bite again.

I’m not trying to write a textbook here, but a lot of this common-sense crap is just lost on people.


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