Author of “Poverty Thoughts” Essay is a Liar

The media outlets which covered the “Poverty Thoughts” essay have avoided addressing this scandal, or else they’re simply making passing mention of it at the end of some long-winded article full of excerpts from the original essay.  The truth is, Linda Walther Tirado lied about everything, and what’s more, she’s still collecting money on  As of posting this, she has managed to collect $62,138. Utterly despicable.

And just what does she plan on doing with all of the money she’s raised?  I imagine she’ll used it to redecorate.  She is evidently turning her kids’ room into a forest, “because I own this house and I can.”

Angelica Leicht of the Houston Press exposes this woman as a fraud with frank details of her luxurious lifestyle:


Also, click here for a look at the “roach-infested motel” in which Linda Walther Tirado and her family currently reside.

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