Toaster Steve Update

Get your popcorn and head over to Toaster Steve aka Dakota Moore’s Facebook. It’s become a semi-permanent /b/ thread over there these past few days, because everything related to our “pal” keeps getting 404’d. To recap:

1. One of the two girls he accused of falsely accused of raping him was discovered and had to delete her account due to the unwanted attention it brought her. Not going to post her name because she’s an alleged rape victim.

2. There have been calls for Toaster Steve to be made a mod. I doubt this is going to happen because the other mods don’t seem too friendly on him, but the support is there.

3. A fake Dakota J. Moore popped up a couple days ago and amassed much attention by insisting he was fine and accusing various Christian theologians of having set the fire. This profile and its dozens of comments have since been deleted.

4. He seems to have developed quite the following of high school/college-aged girls.  They apparently find him attractive and only wish they could have “been there” for him. Don’t be surprised if we see a few copy cats… *meow*

5. Contrary to what some are claiming, there is no official Toaster Steve New Toaster Fund. Claims that a Toaster Steve Legal Defense Fund has managed to raise over $30,000 are also false.

6. The University expressed its distaste at the Mantears being shed for Dakota on public university pages by persons not affiliated with the university. The comments and images have been deleted.

7. The ex-gf / alleged rape victim #2 has created a NEW Facebook account (it’s definitely legit), and last night she began PMing other Facebook users with her side of the story. (Drama!)

8. As of this morning, the conversation has taken a more serious turn as they debate the question, “What constitutes rape?” and the ethics of banging a drunk chick.  Both legal and philosophical arguments have been made, along with the occasional interjection of “Ask the Toaster! The Toaster is impartial and will have seen it all!”

For the record, I am not associated with any of this, nor am I condoning anyone’s behavior.  MySpace Suicide was one of my all-time favorite memes, so this sort of brings back warm fuzzy memories of teh Internetz circa 2005.  Also, the TV is broken.

And if you’re still with me, here’s a new link from the Daily Mail.  They’re only just now publishing Toaster Steve’s real name, even though they’ve had it since Sunday.

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