FACEBOOK: What Supporting Kavanaugh Was Really About

All right, everyone — listen up, because an astonishing number of you don’t seem to understand the overwhelming support behind Brett Kavanaugh, or how the SCOTUS confirmation process even works.

The President can nominate whomever he damn well pleases, and it’s up to the Senate whether or not to confirm.  There isn’t an ideological litmus test, and it doesn’t matter how “mainstream” a nominee is, because the Supreme Court does not exist to represent YOUR interests OR mine.  The only “interests” it represents are those of the United States Constitution.   (Worth noting: Brett Kavanaugh is an utter caricature of Middle America.)

The only relevant concern is whether the nominee is capable of doing the job.

Think he lacks the experience to fill a seat?  Fine.  Think he doesn’t understand the Constitution, or how to properly apply it?  That’s fine too.  Have concerns about the candidate’s ethics, or do you otherwise question whether he can and will remain objective in his rulings?  Then certainly, Senator, you should vote ‘no’.

But please, all of you screaming your heads off about Roe v. Wade — shut the fuck up already.  You don’t actually believe Trump can be pressured into nominating someone who supports abortion; you’re just looking for an excuse to bitch about Trump.

If you had any serious concerns about Kavanaugh’s confirmation, you belonged taking them to your senator — not taking to the streets like savages or whining about it on social media.

(To anyone who contacted their senator’s office and THEN whined: 👍  But I hope they had the good sense to ignore you unless you actually had something constructive to say.)


I’m tired of all the mischaracterizations of Kavanaugh supporters, and of people reframing the issues around irrelevant topics instead of challenging our arguments directly.

This was NEVER about abortion — not for us.  It was never about politics — not for us — and if you think this was a right-wing movement, you’re living in an echo chamber.

Standing With Brett was never about wanting him confirmed.  It was never about the Patriot Act, or about Donald Trump, or the myth of male privilege, and we aren’t the ones seeking to politicize sexual assault.

Standing With Brett boiled down to three things:

(1) Upholding the integrity of the judicial nomination process.

(2) A reaffirmation of due process.

(3) A rejection of the #metoo movement and its underlying feminist ideology.

No matter where any one of us happens to stand politically, THESE were the three things we held in common.

I’ve already made my first point, so let’s move on to the second.

The whole “he’s not on trial, so due process doesn’t apply” argument is absurd, whether it’s being used to assassinate the character of a political appointee or the latest plebe victim of #metoo and #BelieveWomen.

‘Due process’ is not an invocation to any formal legal procedure — it goes much, much deeper than that.  Due process is the single most fundamental principle behind our Constitution, and very bedrock of a civil society.

Due process is the principle that innocence is to be presumed unless guilt can be determined by a preponderance of evidence.

It means the burden of proof rests not with the accused, but with the accuser(s).

It means he has a right to address the allegations against him, and to do so publicly without being told: “Shut up, you’re not allowed to speak!”

It means not convicting a man — whether in a courtroom or in the court of public opinion — when not a single shred of evidence has been presented.  An accusation is not evidence.  A hundred accusations do not qualify as evidence.

To deny a man due process is to sweep the Constitution and EVERYTHING it represents right out from under our feet.

That’s why due process is relevant.

Which brings me to the third and final principle behind I Stand With Brett: the rejection of the #metoo movement and Feminism in general.

NO ONE has the right to be believed on the basis of gender alone, because NO ONE should ever be judged on the basis of gender alone.  This is called ‘sex discrimination’.  Yet this is precisely what #BelieveWomen is all about.  If you believe Her, it means you believe He is guilty — without evidence, and in many cases, despite overwhelming evidence to the contrary.

Sexism is not okay, and racism is not okay.  Women are no more inherently believable than men, and white males don’t have a “rape culture”.  So quit being such a bigoted cunt under the guise of being “woke”.

Sexual assault victims don’t need to be believed; they need their claims investigated.  Anyone who claims to have been sexually assaulted needs to “tell the cops” before the statute of limitations runs out.  If they choose not to go to the police, then they have no business running around campus or the workplace spreading rumors or doxxing their alleged attackers on Twitter.  That kind of behavior is not to be glorified — it should be shamed.

(“Victim shaming,” am I?  Not when these so-called “survivors” are acting as the aggressors.)

One of the most disturbing developments I’ve seen in recent years has been the phrase “social justice” creeping into mainstream usage.  Does anyone recall where that phrase actually came from?  I sure as hell do — and it has NOTHING to do with equal rights.

When Feminism adapted it from Marxism, the male gender became the new bourgeoisie.  Feminist ideology has been spoon-fed to our little college sneuflakes for years, and it has been wholly embraced by the DNC in their effort to garner the millennial vote.

(I submit to you: Cory Booker’s recent “Toxic Masculinity” post.)

Feminism isn’t about women’s rights.  Feminists don’t care about women unless they toe the party line, and the ones who don’t are labeled “gender traitors”.

They don’t actually care about abortion either — it’s just another tool they use to set us against each other and provide a pretext for the NPCs to take to the streets.  Don’t believe me?  Try asking a feminist whether a woman’s right to choose extends to the choice of aborting a female fetus because she’d rather have a boy.  (Really, try it some time.)

Feminists don’t care about preventing sexual assault — they seek to weaponize it under the banner of sexual violence, which they’ve expanded to include both “microaggression” and female regret.

(Without “affirmative consent,” it was rape.  If you “get her yes” but she later regrets it, it was rape.  Harassment is “verbal assault”, and microaggression is a form of harassment.  Can you imagine these people holding sufficient power to make our laws?)

The truth about Feminism, which is finally being acknowledged, is that Feminism is simply another hateful, collectivist ideology — like National Socialism and Black Power.

(Why are neo-Nazis and black separatists comparatively underrepresented in the media and higher education?  I find this question far more interesting than why women choose lower-paying career paths.)

Feminists said they wanted their voices heard.  Well, they’re being heard all right, and they’re being taken seriously.  Don’t believe me?  See what happens in November.

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