Not a Good Month For Friendship

NOTE: Update to follow (eventually, I swear), because there’s a Part II to the genderqueef shit, and it’s seriously one of the craziest things I have ever seen from the Regressive Left.  Which is saying quite a damned bit.

October has not been a month for friendship.  My friends are dropping like flies — and it’s largely the fault of Lindsey Graham.  He has released from within me an utter abhorrence for unethical shams.

About a dozen people have unfriended me on Facebook since the Christine Ford farce, and I’m pretty sure the majority of those who didn’t are no longer following me.

For the most part, I have been silently unfriended.  By whom, it’s hard to tell, which suggests no major loss.  But here are two cases in which I played an active role in the dissolution of a friendship — for better or for worse.

Case #1:

An old high school chum sought to promote the idea that Trump is out to “erase” trans people.  (Like, honestly — WTF?)

Case #2: Really, •••••?

I’d posted the Kavanaugh documents, followed by a few memes making fun of the Democrats.  (That the documents proved more triggering than the memes says a lot about partisan Democrats.)  A very good friend of mine had this insight:

He ended up triggering one of the few conservatives I know, who accused him of wasting oxygen.  They got into it a bit before I stepped in.

A cheap jab on my part — yes.  But I was still fairly annoyed by our last online exchange (details to follow), and by how personally he seemed to take my not hanging out with him the last time he came to town.  Newsflash: I am unwell.  I wasn’t able to have [my best friend] over this weekend either, when she came to visit with her baby. (❤️=☹️)

I’d finally grown tired of handling this guy with kid gloves.  Here was my reply:

In other news, #OrangeManBad #LiterallyHitler.


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