[Elsewhere] Protect Andy Ngo


You’re probably aware that Andy Ngo was assaulted and robbed by Antifa yesterday.  What you might not have heard was that the attack was premeditated, and that he spent the night in the hospital with a brain hemorrhage.

No one has been more aggressive than Andy when it comes to reporting on hate crime hoaxes and Antifa (both of which the mainstream media refuses to cover), and the authoritarian left HATES him for this.

The fascist fucks who assaulted him are celebrating this as a great victory, basking in the online praise of their woke enablers.

This isn’t the first time Andy has been attacked by Antifas — last time he was sprayed in the eyes with bear mace, and the time before that it was a punch to the stomach.  The violence keeps escalating.

At this point, Andy would have to be crazy not to have second thoughts about what he’s doing.  Which is where we come in.

Just $5 can help pay Andy’s medical expenses, replace his stolen equipment, and — most importantly — KEEP HIM IN THE GAME.

Andy needs to know how valued his work is, and we need to send a message to Antifa that political violence will get them nowhere.

When they attack someone, we will assist with the medical costs.  When they rob someone, we will replace what was stolen.  When they spread lies, we will provide reality checks.

If you can’t afford to donate, please share the link and help spread word of what happened to Andy.  Of what’s happening in Portland.  Of what could happen in YOUR town should domestic terrorism continue to be accepted as a valid form of political protest.


Build teh Wall: Supplemental


Read first:
My plan to save America

One of my collaborators made the excellent suggestion of having killer robots police teh Wall, so here is the model I have selected:


•••••, I’m thinking we should add some security to OUR side of teh Wall, just in case the Caligonians manage to make it past the electric fence and the drones and teh Wall itself.

I’m thinking special forces, possibly backed up by National Guard.  Also, how would you feel about building a moat?


Well, I obviously 🙄 plan to seize control of Silicon Valley and have their servers transferred over to Jeff Bezo’s new NOVA HQ before construction of teh Wall is complete.  (Bernie Sanders will be overseeing that contract.)

I mean, what didja think the SSIC hearings were actually about?  RUSSIA? 🤣  Don’t make me laugh.

Vladimir Vladimirovich is a pawn of Mark Zuckerburg.  The shady Silicon-sponsored Shallow-State Sacramento Shadow Government routinely interferes with Russia’s elections to keep Vlad and Medvedevevevev (Jack Dorsey’s crony) in power as a means of gathering data on how a freedom-loving people with a strong history of government transparency might respond in the event of an authoritarian takeover.

It’s just another social experiment, like the one Facebook conducted on our newsfeeds back in 2014.

Don’t be fooled by evil exteriors; Vlad is actually a really swell guy who loves kittens and puppies and hates All Bad Things.