Whenever a person with particular ideological leanings commits a crime, that crime was ideologically motivated.

Unless they’re Muslim.

Similarly, whenever a cis white male commits mass murder, that CWM is a right-wing terrorist.

Regardless of his actual political leanings.

Flirtation is Sexual Assault


[(flirtation ⇒ sexual harassment)] & [({verbal harassment ⇔ verbal assault} ⇒ {nonverbal harassment ⇔ nonverbal assault}) → (flirtation ⇒ sexual assault)] / [you have a degree in gender studies]

∴ flirtation ⇒ sexual assault

Firearms vs Zombies


If guns were illegal, only criminals and zombies would own guns.  Because zombies do not care about the rule of law.

And if zombies had guns, the rest of us would be SO. INCREDIBLY. FUCKED.

Conclusion: It is better to be a criminal than get eaten by a zombie.