Keepin’ it Real


REAL Herc fans taped these three eps BEFORE the VHS trilogy was released. 📼

REAL fans also recognize the value of having EVERY episode of EVERY show Rob Tapert has EVER produced on DVD. 💿

Which is how REAL fans come to possess three copies of each of these three episodes.

And bitch, don’t even talk to me about the Cloud, because you don’t own SHIT.


FACEBOOK — I ❤️ Michael Connelly


I am now the proud owner of every Michael Connelly book yet published, including double copies of Trunk Music and Angels Flight (my personal fave).

For my next trick, I shall begin acquiring samples of the author’s hair and toenail clippings — y’know, to lend a more personal feel to the life-sized Harry Bosch meat sculpture residing in what was formerly ••••’s closet. (Showings by appointment only.)

2017 is going to be awesome!

FACEBOOK: Birthday Prezzie


My kid knew exactly what to get me for my birthday without even having to ask: The Borgias Season 3 and Nine Dragons (a book I’d been missing from the Harry Bosch series).

So the next time YOUR kid hands you some crappy fingerpainted necktie or a lopsided mug with all the functionality of a sieve, remember how MINE knows which of my obsessions keep me awake at night, and is capable of navigating his personal sla– er… I mean his grandmother… through the intricacies of online purchasing.

Cesare Borgia would be proud; he bought HIS daddy the papacy, whereas the younger, less politically-astute Juan made do with fingerpainting St. Fermin in the blood of a dead Moor. (Try wearing THAT with white and gold.)