[Facebook] Muh Birthday


As you may have heard from Facebook, today is my birthday.  But what you might NOT have heard is that #OrangeManBad.

Yes, it appears the current White House occupant is indeed a racist, sexist, fascist, misogynistic, racist, homophobic, transphobic, racist, cis white male supremacist, racist, evil horrible hateful Nazi person who is worse than racist and throws Latinx children into concentration camps so they have to drink out of toilets.  (Also: Russia.)

In lieu of birthday wishes, I ask that you post all of the horrible things Drumph has done to you since stealing the election from Hillary.  Together we can #resist the bad orange man.  I hear he is going to be impeached any day now for being #LiterallyHitler.

Bottom-Front-Middle Hole


Moar front hole.  A friend tagged me in a Facebook thread, because he understands that I am woke.  My reply:

Uhm, excuse me?  The correct terminology is bottom-front-middle hole.  And it is a MEDICALLY-SPECIFIC TERM used in reference to the humyn anatomical constructs of a variety of different genders, according to my vegan feminist lesbian non-binary genderqueer doctor, who is woke enough keep appraised of the latest LGBTQILMNOP-friendly scientific research.

Please re-educate yourself before spreading any more racist hate speech over teh Internetz.  Unless of course you identify as a male.  In which case, you have just committed an act of terminological appropriation, which is in fact a hate crime.

Because if you are not a member of the bottom-front-middle hole community, then bottom-front-middle hole is not for you.


Of course, there will always be a few people who are clinically incapable of getting the joke:

By this I mean that they are most likely autistic, as well as suffering from a bad case of evangelical Christianity.