Sargon Nails It


One hundred percent with Sargon on this.  It’s important to learn about the Holocaust (along with other horrific events in human history), but the idea of collectivized, transgenerational victimhood is equally absurd as collectivized, transgenerational guilt.  There are Jewish people and people of Jewish ancestry who quite literally fetishize the Holocaust, and that’s fucking sick.

As I’ve said before, the victims of the Holocaust weren’t the Jews.  The victims of the Holocaust were people, a large number of whom happened to be Jewish.

I also like that he calls out the almost exclusively American concept of a white/European identity.  It’s completely retarded, because there is no single European identity.  Europe comprises 51 different counties, many of which are home to multiple ethnic groups.  Even the most die-hard EU supporter will grant you that.

Due Process


I find it utterly disgusting when people claim that due process does not apply unless the person is being charged with a crime.  Note that the proponents of this twisted doctrine are always the same people who falsely equate the concept of free speech with the First Amendment.

The refusal to distinguish between a right and the government’s promise not to infringe upon that right is tantamount to saying that we have no rights but what the government allows us.