Bernie Has His Priorities


Funny how Bernie is willing to fire a staffer for mean words online about journalists and his Democratic opponents, yet he is unwilling to fire any of his staff for their talk of gulaging Trump supporters, abolishing the constitution, and executing the wealthy.

At the very least you’d think the Democratic frontrunner would denounce such rhetoric, rather than instructing them to (and I quote): “Be careful what you say… especially in public.  Always assume that you may be being recorded.”

But I suppose Bernie has his priorities.

Bernie is an Extreme Authoritarian


This is why Bernie Sanders refuses to denounce his staff’s execute-the-opposition & abolish-the-Constitution rhetoric: because Bernie himself admires extreme authoritarian dictatorships.

Tim characterizes Bernie as the Anti-Trump: “Trump is talking about creating wealth, Bernie is talking about taking it.”

Due Process


I find it utterly disgusting when people claim that due process does not apply unless the person is being charged with a crime.  Note that the proponents of this twisted doctrine are always the same people who falsely equate the concept of free speech with the First Amendment.

The refusal to distinguish between a right and the government’s promise not to infringe upon that right is tantamount to saying that we have no rights but what the government allows us.