Due Process


I find it utterly disgusting when people claim that due process does not apply unless the person is being charged with a crime.  Note that the proponents of this twisted doctrine are always the same people who falsely equate the concept of free speech with the First Amendment.

The refusal to distinguish between a right and the government’s promise not to infringe upon that right is tantamount to saying that we have no rights but what the government allows us.

Assange Absurdity


I’d just like to draw attention to the absurdity of the reactions to Trump making it pretty plain that he intends to sit this one out:

The conspiracy theorists are questioning whether Drumph might have become compromised by the “Deep State” (except for the Qtards who are trying to work out a scenario in which Trump is covertly assisting Assange) while the mainstream media is bitching about the bad orange man distancing himself from the matter entirely.

Imagine if Cheeto Hitler HAD opted to throw his support behind Assange?  Then it would be the Dems and the MSM coming up with the conspiracy theories.