Journos Are a Special Kind of Stupid


My god, I just finished listening to the Rose Garden press conference and it was an astonishing blend of hysteria and stupidity.  Womxyzn were shrieking wild accusations at the Orange Man, and one guy seriously wanted to know if they have plans to research why people over the age of 80 are hit the hardest — “which is something we’ve never seen before”.

Dead silence for ten seconds before someone tenderly explained that the elderly are “less robust” than young people. 🤦🏻‍♀️

This is why we have so many mentally unstable boomer womxyzn screaming at the sky and #resisting Drumph — they’re being programmed by unhinged morons.

Go back to your soap operas, ladies — PLEASE!!

New Developments on the Coronavirus


(via Glenn Beck)

• Regular surgical masks offer inadequate protection; need painting & sanding N95 masks

• It can survive on surfaces for NINE DAYS

• It can travel — airborne — through pipes

• Yesterday the head of the World Health Organization said the coronavirus is “the worse enemy you can ever imagine and poses a greater global threat than terrorism”

• Some experts are speculating that if Chinese containment fails, 60 percent of the world population could become infected

• Survivors are not producing any sort of antibodies — which means they are no less susceptible to reinfection


• It can be transmitted via the skin

• The mucus membranes are particularly susceptible to infection

• It’s airborne

• It has a 24-day incubation period

• It can be transmitted asymptomatically