FACEBOOK: Attempted Break-In


Well, that was fun.  Two drunk guys tried to break into my house at 4 am… Literally tried to BREAK DOWN THE DOOR after covering the peep-hole, and •• and I end up barracaded in my room with a kitchen knife calling 911.

Cops got here pretty fast though.  They said there were broken bottles and beer splashed everywhere (I didn’t step out to see.)  I am REALLY fucking jumpy right now, and there is NO way I’ll be able to sleep.



FACEBOOK: My Kid is the Cutest Thing


So we hit up ••••••••• Frozen Custard last night, and before I could even place our order, the woman behind the counter said, “Honey, I don’t usually comment on kids one way or another, but that has to be the cutest little child I have ever laid eyes on.”

The entire time we were there, she kept gushing over how adorable •• is and what a cute pair we made in our matching leather jackets. 🙂