I had an odd dream. Perhaps not so odd by my standards, but nevertheless worth sharing:

It turns out that the evolution of our species is only a myth, and we were actually created by a bunch of Neanderthals in lab coats.

So then who was ultimately responsible for the Neanderthals?

If you’re currentaly thinking, “bipedal land dolphins would look cute in white,” you’re on the right track.

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Epic dream last night:

Demonic creatures of mercurial morphology fond of cutting themselves with glass had infiltrated The City. My objective was to track them down and eliminate them, armed only with some type of derringer (which might not even have been loaded), explosive sunglasses (evidently multi-use), and stilletto (literally, stilletto) heels. My only allies were a grappling gun and some big Amazon of a Dredd-style traffic Judge who took a while to realize that The Law had bigger problems than my weaving a stolen hoverbike between lanes.

Think Ada Wong vs. The Ghosts of Mars in Silent Hill, peppered with bits of Judge Dredd and Les Miserables.

The weird part is that these sado-masochistic demons communicated in what I took to be Russian. But I suppose that’s what comes of reading Tom Clancy before bed.



“You look reality in the face and say, ‘REALITY, I AM HERE!!  Now you wait over there, and I’ll be right back.'”

— Guy from a dream I had last night.  He was standing outside my window so I couldn’t see his face, but he sounded just like Inigo Montoya.

I immediately made myself wake up so I could jot that line down verbatim. The trick is to thrash around in your dream and scream a lot.  It’s guaranteed to work every time.