I don’t feel threatened by porn and never have.  What DOES concern me is moral authoritarianism, regardless of whether it’s coming from the SJWs or social conservatives.

The SJWs were born of the backlash from the last culture war, and now the pendulum seems to be swinging back around.

Merit-Based Immigration


I’m fine with immigration.  I just think we need a highly-selective, merit-based system.  People who can create jobs and/or raise our national IQ, which has fallen below 100.

Physicists and physicians welcome.  Enemies of Western Civilization need not apply.

Subclinical TDS


‪Some cases of TDS are definitely worse than others.  Not all TDSer are insane regressives; a lot of them simply pretend not to like Trump’s policies, only they can never identify just what it is they disagree with.

I know a guy who wants to cut back on legal immigration — period.  He also supports the idea of merit-based immigration and has gone so far to suggest a litmus test for prospective immigrants.

This is a much, much harsher stance than Trump has ever taken; at no point has he even advocated cutting back on legal immigration in its own right.  Yet this guy continually refers back to Trump’s horrible immigration policies, and how terribly racist and xenophobic the orange man is.

Facebook Hacked My WordPress account


Okay, this is truly fucked up. I went to sign & share Daily’s Mulan petition, only to find that the Facebook app had already logged me in to under my personal WordPress ID.

I don’t use that for anything other than my blog.  I have NEVER logged into it via Facebook browser, nor do I have my password saved on any other browser.  And I have never used WordPress to sign a petition.  Which means Facebook fucking hacked my WordPress account.

Nawaz Attack


People are arguing about whether this could be a hoax, but the thought never even crossed my mind, because that would go against EVERYTHING Nawaz stands for, and I am fully convinced he is a man of integrity.

That being said, it’s premature to conclude that the attack was racially motivated.  Nawaz is a public figure.  He’s managed to piss off plenty of people with his views on Brexit — both Brexiters and the Remoaners.  Maybe some asshole doesn’t like his show, or perhaps it was just personal.

The point is, simply calling somebody a name while you attack them isn’t enough to reveal your intent.  Even someone who is racist is capable of committing crimes for non-collectivist reasons.

People need to back the hell off and let the cops do their jobs.



I am thoroughly convinced that every person with TDS is suffering from some form of unaddressed mental illness, and that said illnesses are only further complicated by exposure to media messages about Drumph.

The mainstream media provides enough of a cop-out to allow them to lay all of their problems on Trump, and a hearty dose of social media — to which they become addicted — is what unleashes the hysteria.

What you’re ultimately left with are thousands of mentally ill people refusing treatment who are easily weaponized by the Democratic party, which was largely responsible for their cultivation via the media to begin with.