FACEBOOK: First World Problems



FACEBOOK: Getting Old


I must really be getting old, because senility has evidently started to creep in; [my kid] left the house this morning frustrated to tears with my inability to recall the name of the song “with the music video with the piano at the beginning that we saw a long time ago on YouTube.”

First names, then faces. Won’t be long before •••••• has me sent off to a nice, quiet rest home — where I will find myself in the care of those lovely nurses from Silent Hill.

FACEBOOK: Power Rangers Super Samurai


I feel like Power Rangers Super Samurai is the sort of “entertainment” Captain Howdy would have imposed upon his “guests,” had he been in the habit of sewing their eyelids OPEN instead of shut.

Now, I try to be supportive of my child’s interests, but what happens when he asks me for a meathook and a pair of nipple clamps? Because between the Super Samurai and these new DinoCharge Rangers, that’s certainly where we’re headed.