Thoughts on SCOTUS


The whole SCOTUS nomination-confirmation process has become a joke.  I nominate my guy, your guys try to knock him down, and when it’s your turn, I’ll do the same to you.  When the two-party system system seeps into our highest courts (as it did long ago), then we’re in trouble.

SCOTUS judges are supposed to be impartial; they’re not supposed to have ties to any political factions, but the reality is that unless they have those ties, they’re not about to get nominated.

A few things to keep in mind, though:

(1) SCOTUS judges picked by Republican presidents have been traditionally less likely to engage in judicial activism (i.e., legislating from behind the bench) or otherwise let their personal views influence their rulings.

(2) They have also proven more resistant to party ideology, as evidenced by how many times Republican-appointed judges have pissed off Republican presidents and legislators.  You almost never see this happen with Democrats, and standing up to the other two branches is why we have a SCOTUS in the first place.

(3) Judges picked by Republicans have always had the better track record when it comes to protecting individual liberties.  The sole exception to this lies with abortion, but the reality is that Roe v. Wade is in no danger of being overturned at the Federal level.  The real threats to abortion (and they are legion) come from the states.


🦋How to Be a Bigot🦄


Have you ever wanted to be a bigot? 🤔

Have you ever thought, “Wish I could add my name to the list of people who’ve been accused of ableism, misogyny, and other popular forms of bigotry, only I’m too gosh-darned indifferent to the affairs of others and have this terribly-fucking-annoying habit of perceiving individual human entities”? 😔

Well, now you can!!!! 😮😃👍


Letter to the Internet


Dearest Internetz,

I’m not entirely comfortable with where this relationship is headed. As much as I enjoy our time together, I feel like you are a less-than-positive influence on me.

Or perhaps it’s the other way around.

Let’s cool things down a bit, shall we? Especially with the Jesus memes. Because Google Drive only comes with five free gigs.

Intimately yours,



Every time I see something about abortion or neonaticide these days, I feel like fucking slapping someone.  I really wish Facebook would offer some filter so I didn’t have to read any more of this shit.  The problem with the idiotic arguments between “pro-lifers” and “pro-choicers” is that neither group is arguing the same thing.  The core of the issue is personhood, which hardly anyone seems willing to address.  At which pre- or postnatal phase of development does a human being become a person?  Conception?  Implantation?  Birth?  In infancy?  Or even later?  You’d have to be a complete fucking moron to argue that life does not begin at conception, or that it is morally acceptable to force a woman to have a baby.

Fetus ≠ Person


The Unborn Victims of Violence Act is a complete joke. It was designed to undermine abortion by granting personhood to embryos and fetuses.

Causing the death/destruction of an embryo or fetus should be considered an aggravating circumstance, and the perpetrator should absolutely be held civilly liable for any pain & suffering, emotional distress, and financial losses caused by their actions. But to treat an embryo the same way you would an actual human victim is not merely irrational — it’s grossly offensive.