Culture Wars: Then and Now


(Replies to Nev):

I grew up in a secular household, so I never understood where people were coming from with the religious stuff. And things were pretty bad when I was a kid, as far as people throwing Christianity into your face. About as bad as it is now with Islam, although the crusaders of my childhood were generally non-violent.

Tay and I grew up during America’s last culture war, when people felt threatened by *legitimate* social progress and were trying to impose what essentially amounted to conservative Christian values upon others — even though it wasn’t so simple as religious vs. secular or left vs. right.

Al Gore and his wife — believe it or not — were at the forefront of those who wanted to use government censorship to keep subversive, Satanic ideas from working their way into the minds of young people. The Evangelicals were with him, unsurprisingly. But non-churchgoers and the moderately religious were not.

The same sort of media-driven outrage you see now was going on back then, only they were playing up the divide by stoking outrage over traditional “American” (i.e., conservative) values, even though the media back then was almost as left-wing as it is now.

It was about ratings — for the networks, at least. For the average Joe, it was about religion, and for the politicians, it was about political power. Both the Dems and the GOP wanted to secure their share of thr Evangelical vote, which back then was pretty evenly split.

The crusaders ultimately took it too far. People (especially young people) rebelled — hardcore. The concept of America as a judeo-Christian nation slowly began to die, except in the minds of the Evangelicals.

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In honor of Earth Day, which I have been informed (by my calendar) falls on next Thursday, I have decided to launch a campaign to combat global warming by way of encouraging everyone in America to turn on his/her air conditioning at the same time. The way I see it, this ought to at least cool down *part* of the globe, as it certainly works at cooling down *my* part of the globe, i.e., the interior of my house.

I have my work cut out for me. I just may have to call out sick tomorrow and get started:

Step One: Make some really cool looking graphics to post on message boards.

Step Two: Email Al Gore and ask for his endorsement.

Step Three: Crank up the AC and stop global warming in its tracks!!!!!!!!

On another note, I was thinking that the polar ice caps melting may not necessarily be such a bad thing. In fact, *intentionally* melting them may actually help with my mission of ending global warming by next Thursday. Think about it: when you add ice cubes to a warm (or room temperature) beverage and then chug it right away, the drink doesn’t really have a chance to cool down. It’s not until the ice begins melting that you can savor a refreshing iced beverage. Wouldn’t the same physics apply on a global scale? I think we should give it a shot. I mean, what’s the worst that could happen? Maybe we’d lose California. Maybe that wouldn’t be such a bad thing. Maybe we could evacuate Anthony Kiedis before it happened. Maybe he could come live with me…