Gluten-Free Cured My Babbygurl of Cancer and Cerebral Palsy


I would like to go on the record as saying that I only wish more people would “go gluten free.”  The gluten-free craze has led to a wider variety of tastier and cheaper gluten-free foods being made available on grocery store shelves.  In many instances, manufacturers take into account that food allergies and intolerances will frequently come in clusters (I’m gluten / soy protein / egg albumin; my son is cashews-pistachios-hazelnuts), so they’ll do their damndest to put out products that appeal to a wide array of consumers.  (Snyder’s of Hanover makes everything-friendly pretzels which are absolutely godly.)

It’s becoming what the low-carb craze was ten years ago, and I dread to think what may happen if or when it loses momentum.  Up until quite recently, every gluten-free packaged food with the exception of rice pasta (corn pasta ❤ was not yet around) tasted like cardboard.  And the thought of not being able to enjoy the foods I’ve grown used to is almost enough to put me into a Y2K mindset.  Hell, I’ve been buying corn thins by the half-dozen ever since Simply Organic discontinued our baking mix.  Last night at Wegman’s, my four-year-old went so far as to tell me that I had to eat what we had at home before we could buy any more.  (I need my fucking corn cakes!)   And don’t even get me started on chicken fingers and egg-free salad dressings (I collect them).