Blood Transfusion


Back in Hospital; 2nd surgery went fine, only now I’m not supposed to put any weight on my right foot for a full 90 days.  (!!!)

The post-op pain is indeed terrible, and I can’t say it’s being managed very well, which puts  a lot of limitations on what I can do in physical therapy.  When you have one doc in charge of palliative care and another in charge of recovery, you’re bound to find a place in which the minds simply do not meet.  That place is here, in room ***.

Supposed to be getting a blood transfusion today, but what I really don’t understand is WHY.  Two days ago, they said I was anemic.  Now that’s improved, but the doctor insists my blood pressure — which has naturally fallen into the hypotension range (under 90/60) my entire life — is too low and that this will help.

I signed the permission forms prior to even having the surgery, but I find the thought a stranger’s blood circulating through my veins a disturbing one . Even moreso than the cadavar bones they have in my leg.