Philosophically Pondering the NPC


I’m admittedly biased on account of the NPC angle, but I’m going to come out and declare this one of the most enjoyable Mr. O videos ever.

Yet I disagree with his assessment; this girl is most definitely an NPC.  I come from a very blue “one percent” area, and nearly of the NPCs I know are of average to above average intelligence.

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It’s All Greek to Them.


I was going to submit this as a comment (RE: this, only then I realized nobody would care. 😕

Reason, your Greek is shit.

αγορεύειν literally means “to lead the flow”.  The αγορᾱ́ was where that happened — either in the sense of rhetoric and ideas (meaning “place of assembly”, later extended to the body itself) or in the sense of commerce — i.e., the marketplace.

αγορᾱ́ζειν derives from that second sense of αγορᾱ́ and is used much in the same way we use ‘shop’ in English; I go to the shop to shop.  Whether or not I end up making a purchase is irrelevant — I am still out shopping.  αγορᾱ́ζω can also denote loitering in the marketplace, and probably browsing too.

The moral of this story is that there are better sources of information than Wikipedia.  Find them.  Use them.  Otherwise, leave the flashy little tidbits out.  This isn’t the first time you’ve made such a blunder.



I have decided to boycott Nike.

Now, I don’t actually understand any of the controversy surrounding athletes kneeling during the Pledge.  Granted, I was the kid who refused to say the Pledge on the grounds that the Pledge of Allegiance was for commies, and apart from a few dead Yankees, the only athletes I can actually name appeared in Space Jam.

But I am boycotting Nike nevertheless, because: ableist microaggression.

Some of you may be wondering if I’ve ever even owned a pair of Nikes, because the only shoes you’ve ever seen me in are boots and (long ago) freakishly-high heels.

The answer is yes; I have favored Nike running shoes since I was a wee lad.

I wear them for running.  And only for running.

The reason for my patronage should be fairly obvious to anyone who has ever taken the time to carefully scrutinize my bare feet: I have a narrow heel.  Also mutant toes, according to a certain someone who needn’t be named.**  And Nike running shoes are an excellent choice for anyone with a narrow heel (and mutant toes).

Also, ‘νίκη’ is the Greek word for ‘victory’, which is what turned me on to the brand in the first place. 🏛

I became positively fixated on Nike in high school, following the launch of their Property of No One ad campaign.  I thought it was freakin’ godly to wear shirts that read, “property of no one”, followed by the Nike swoosh.  You can see sixteen-year-old me in one of my Nike shirts here: #########

But I digress.  The point of this post was to announce that I will not be buying any more Nike running shoes to wear when I go running.

Nor will I be running in the Nike running shoes I believe lie buried somewhere in the back of my closet.  But I have no plans to burn them either, because that would require me to leave Indoors.

I ask that you all support my personal vendetta against Nike by refusing — REFUSING, I say — to buy me any Nike running shoes.  Even if it means sacrificing everything.

(Note: It probably won’t cost you anything.)

** [My Best Friend]