Bottom-Front-Middle Hole


Moar front hole.  A friend tagged me in a Facebook thread, because he understands that I am woke.  My reply:

Uhm, excuse me?  The correct terminology is bottom-front-middle hole.  And it is a MEDICALLY-SPECIFIC TERM used in reference to the humyn anatomical constructs of a variety of different genders, according to my vegan feminist lesbian non-binary genderqueer doctor, who is woke enough keep appraised of the latest LGBTQILMNOP-friendly scientific research.

Please re-educate yourself before spreading any more racist hate speech over teh Internetz.  Unless of course you identify as a male.  In which case, you have just committed an act of terminological appropriation, which is in fact a hate crime.

Because if you are not a member of the bottom-front-middle hole community, then bottom-front-middle hole is not for you.


Of course, there will always be a few people who are clinically incapable of getting the joke:

By this I mean that they are most likely autistic, as well as suffering from a bad case of evangelical Christianity.