FACEBOOK: Killer Robots Part II


When evil corporations dabble in bio-organic weapons technology, no one wins.

Which is why both houses of Congress ought to pass a resolution declaring that the U.S. will NOT stand idly by while B.O.W.s continue falling into the clutches of evil corporations, terrorists, and former Soviet states.

At the very least, such a resolution would vastly elevate us in the eyes of the Japanese (perhaps to the extent that they build us some sort of giant killer-robot guardian — like the Statue of Liberty, only better), send Lil’ Kim (the one in North Korea) scrambling after samples of fictitious video game pathogens, and throw the Kremlin into a state of “disorganization” — because creating a race of genetically-mutated super-soldiers is the primary objective of EVERY Russian science project.

FACEBOOK: Umbrella Sticker


Last night we saw a truck parked outside CVS that was sporting an Umbrella sticker.

My initial thought was, “Gee, it sure does warm the heart to know that there are still like-minded individuals out there doing their part to spread awareness about the [bio]hazards of B.O.W. development” — until •••• raised the possibility of the vehicle being owned by a (former?) Umbrella Inc. operative. That’s when I realized there was something distinctly UBCSish about that truck (big… black… shiny… red & white umbrella), and for it to have been parked outside a PHARMACY after DARK? Very suspicious indeed