“Body Shaming”


This is ridiculous.  My body is not as nice as this woman’s, nor would I ever post such scantly-clad pictures of myself online, but do I feel the least bit threatened by her postpartum body?  OF COURSE NOT!  Her beauty has in no way been achieved at the expense of mine, nor at anyone else’s expense.

Any woman who feels threatened by another woman’s beauty clearly lacks self esteem, and that isn’t something that’s going to be fixed by blasting some poor stranger over the Internet.  These women ought to be ashamed of their reactions.  Last time I checked, beauty was still a thing to be valued.

Woman Fired for Being Sexy Claims Permenant Nerve Damage


“The same lawsuit, filed in March, names a Queens driver who rear-ended her in a car accident in Long Island City in December 2012.

Panetta said both were named because his client developed more severe nerve damage after the car accident, and “we’re not 100% sure which incident caused the injury.”

That quote really cracked me up.  “Not 100% sure, so we’re suing both of them?”  STFU!  Odds are she saw a physical therapist to cash in on the car accident, had difficulty performing one of the exercises, and was inspired to claims of nerve damage.

That being said, nerves getting bumped during a draw isn’t all that uncommon.  When it happens, it’s one of the worst feelings in the world, though it’s over quickly and the aftereffects seldom last more than a couple minutes.  I’ve had it happen a few times.  The worst was when I had to get a PICC line, and it took the idiot doctor four tries (and a second arm) to snake it in.  On the third try, he banged a nerve with a fucking catheter.  The pain / intensity of sensation was excruciating, and I would not let them touch me again for a good 25-30 minutes, which was how long it took to regain semi-normal feeling in my arm.

One time, I had a bumped nerve during a draw AND the idiot technician used too much alcohol.  I almost went to the ER, thinking I must have suffered some lasting injury, but I thankfully decided to wait it out.  By the next morning, I was fine.

Permanent nerve damage is almost unheard of. Injured nerves (emphasis on ‘injured’) heal just like any other part of the body.  For the nerve damage to be permanent, the nerves would have had to have been severed beyond repair.  In the event that a nerve injury leads to muscular atrophy (and it generally has to be a pretty damned serious nerve injury, such as brachial neuritis), the muscle tissue is able to recover once the nerves begin functioning property.  It isn’t easy, and it can certainly be debilitating, but it isn’t overly-painful and can almost always be corrected with physical therapy.

Whether or not this woman has any nerve damage can *easily* be established by an NCS or EMG performed by a qualified neurologist.  This is isn’t fibromyalgia she’s alleging.

FACEBOOK: The Prettiest Troll


Someone just told me that I am “the prettiest troll” they have ever seen.

The context: This mom was bragging about feeding her infant daughter honey.  She fully acknowledges the “risks to other people’s babies,” yet she intuitively “knows” that it is beneficial to her own.

I told her she was disgusting and accused her of trying to kill the kid.

I don’t think that was going too far.  Putting a child into a potentially life-threatening situation WITH FULL KNOWLEDGE OF THE RISKS is not a “method of parenting” — it is borderline child abuse!


FACEBOOK: My Kid is the Cutest Thing


So we hit up ••••••••• Frozen Custard last night, and before I could even place our order, the woman behind the counter said, “Honey, I don’t usually comment on kids one way or another, but that has to be the cutest little child I have ever laid eyes on.”

The entire time we were there, she kept gushing over how adorable •• is and what a cute pair we made in our matching leather jackets. 🙂