Bullying My Four-Year-Old Son


SON: “Stop yelling at me!  You’re being a bully!”
ME: “What?!”
SON: “Stop yelling at me with your sneezes!”

Yep, it’s overused.

But seriously… it is being overused.  At least my four-year-old has an excuse — he’s FOUR.

FACEBOOK: Connecticut Shooting


I don’t care to dissect Adam Lanza’s motive for the elementary school shooting, but I will say this: If “society” bears any fault here, it’s that we’re too willing to excuse evil where we find it.

People love turning villains into victims by shifting responsibility away from the perpetrator and on to forces beyond their control.  Music, video games, guns, and bullies have been blamed time and again for the evil that men do. Is it any wonder the past few decades have seen so many of these mass-murder/suicide scenarios, when notoriety comes tempered with understanding and a certain degree of vindication?