Unethical Sham


‪D‬octors who prescribe opioid pain medications are being systematically persecuted because this media-manufactured “opioid epidemic” means a low-risk, positive-PR crusade for politicians on both sides of the aisle and good feelz for the activists.

‪The DEA is specifically targeting specialists who treat chronic pain patients (neurologists, oncologists, and rheumatologists in particular) and the burden of proving that they are not overprescribing ultimately rests with the doctors — an egregious miscarriage of justice.‬

‪It’s not enough for a doctor to demonstrate that they are adhering to established guidelines when prescribing opioids — they are required to demonstrate first that alternative treatments have been exhausted and found inadequate, and then‬ ‪they are required to prescribe only the lowest possible dosage required to “manage” (not alleviate) the pain.  Which in itself is monstrous.‬

‪A government bureaucrat opens a file and brainstorms a form of treatment that hasn’t been tried — even if it falls outside that doctor’s purview or it has been discounted for whatever reason (shit like accupuncture — I’m not kidding), they open an investigation.‬

‪A bureaucrat notices that a doc seems to be writing a lot of prescriptions — perhaps because they specialize in treating patients with neuromuscular disorders (or fucking cancer).  Investigation opened.‬

‪The investigations are a sham. All it takes to prosecute is a doctor on the government payroll deciding that they could have gone with a lower dosage for one of their patients.‬

‪These are almost always GPs with zero experience treating the conditions in question, who have examined neither the patient nor their medical records (because “protecting” patients is important). Some are hired straight out of med school, without any real-world experience.‬

Who ends up getting hurt — besides the doctors and their families?  Patients.  Because far too many practices are simply abolishing opioid prescriptions altogether.

‪Again, this is disproportionately affecting doctors who treat neurological & rheumatological disorders, autoimmune diseases, and cancer.‬

This is sick, this is evil, and nobody gives a damn (unless they’re a patient or doctor) because everybody loves a feel-fucking-good crusade.