Liberty’s Kids


I recently recommended this to the guy who turned me on to American history back in hi skool:

It’s an animated series about the American Revolution, as seen through the eyes of three kids — an Amer’kin, a Brit, and a Frenchie. My kid loves it, and so do I.

It does a great job of presenting the war from ALL sides — not just the mainstream American and British perspectives — and it doesn’t shy away from sneuflake-triggering issues such as slavery, the treatment of free blacks, and the oppression of civilians who remained loyal to the crown.

But it also paints a very noble picture of what the Patriots were trying to accomplish, even during such times when they clearly stray from those goals.

And the level of detail is astonishing. I highly, highly recommend. ❤️

FACEBOOK: Power Rangers Super Samurai


I feel like Power Rangers Super Samurai is the sort of “entertainment” Captain Howdy would have imposed upon his “guests,” had he been in the habit of sewing their eyelids OPEN instead of shut.

Now, I try to be supportive of my child’s interests, but what happens when he asks me for a meathook and a pair of nipple clamps? Because between the Super Samurai and these new DinoCharge Rangers, that’s certainly where we’re headed.