Living Large for Less on X-Mas


These were my child’s gifts under the tree Christmas morning.  I didn’t bother taking a sea of gifts pic because everything looks much more impressive wrapped.

My kid typically gets one big gift from his grandparents and another from his great-grandmother while Santa and I provide the rest.  The trick is to get a bunch of things they’re going to need anyway and then wait until Christmas to give it to them.  Take advantage of sales, dollar deals (socks and bath supplies), and the Scholastic catalogs from school.  I’ll typically keep some closet space year-round just to stock up for Christmas and his birthday, which conveniently fall six months apart.

This also saves me from having to do very much shopping around Christmas.  We’ve been reusing most of the same gift bags for the past 3 or 4 years.  (Tissue paper, bows, and gift wrap can be had for pennies after Christmas and/or New Year’s.)

What you see below is about a dozen or so individually-wrapped (mostly soft-cover) books, new socks and undies, a couple of every-day outfits, a new winter coat, hats and mittens, fun character body washes and bubble baths, basic arts & crafts supplies such as Play-Doh and markers (we’ll see how long those last), a few toys, and a bunch of other things I would have given him even if it hadn’t been Christmas.

Kids love Christmas, and kids love opening presents on Christmas.  Some kids (like mine) enjoy the unwrapping part most of all.  It’s totally possible to give them a ton of gifts to open without worrying about spoiling them or draining your bank account dry.

Teen Mom Claims Thieves Stole Babbygurl’s X-Mas & Birthday Presents


I find this woman’s story highly suspect.  There are so many loopholes here, I don’t even know where to begin.  An open window in December?  They took the brand-new WRAPPED television set but left the old one?  They specifically targeted a baby’s birthday and Christmas presents?  And they attempted to cover up their footprints with fabric softener?

Not to stereotype, but this is a single, teenage mother who named her baby Princess Scarlett-Elise.  I don’t buy that she spent £500 on presents for the baby; in fact, I’d be willing to bet £500 that she made the entire story up to obtain sympathy and donations.