Minimizing Person-to-Person Contact Will NOT Worsen a Pandemic


This is some serious NPC shit. 🤦🏻‍♀️

This study looked at 1,000 people in New York City who’d been hospitalized for the coronavirus, and lo and behold, 66% were non-essential workers who were “staying at home”.

But “staying at home” does not entail hard quarantine.  In the context of this study, all it means is not working outside the home

There is nothing to suggest that these people were infected at home.  They could have easily gotten infected “by going out to get groceries or other essential items, or from seeing people outside of work” — and if they hadn’t, all that says is that they’d come in contact with someone who had.  (Or with contaminated materials.)

Somebody had to get the supplies, and given NYC’s insanely high population density, that someone was most likely a member of their household — perhaps even someone who had been working outside the home.

BOTTOM LINE: People are NOT more likely to get infected by “staying at home”.  The infected are more likely to be people who are not currently working outside the home because the vast majority of New Yorkers are not currently working outside the home.

Minimizing person-to-person transmission is not going to make a pandemic worse, and attempting to draw general conclusions about infection rates by looking at an already high-risk population (96% had underlying health conditions) is just atrocious methodology.

Journos Are a Special Kind of Stupid


My god, I just finished listening to the Rose Garden press conference and it was an astonishing blend of hysteria and stupidity.  Womxyzn were shrieking wild accusations at the Orange Man, and one guy seriously wanted to know if they have plans to research why people over the age of 80 are hit the hardest — “which is something we’ve never seen before”.

Dead silence for ten seconds before someone tenderly explained that the elderly are “less robust” than young people. 🤦🏻‍♀️

This is why we have so many mentally unstable boomer womxyzn screaming at the sky and #resisting Drumph — they’re being programmed by unhinged morons.

Go back to your soap operas, ladies — PLEASE!!