Ukrainegate: The Smoking Gun


The Dems & MSM have claimed all along that Hunter Biden was never under investigation — he just happened to work for Burisma.

Shokin has maintained that Hunter WAS under investigation, but he was dismissed as having a conflict of interest (which is true) and smeared as having been fired for failing to tackle Burisma’s corruption (which is clearly false).

A news outlet in Ukraine and a Russian one both reported having seen documents substantiating Shokin’s claims, but they were dismissed in the Western media as “Russian propaganda”.

But now Giuliani has actual documents PROVING Biden’s son was actively being investigated for money laundering.

The Dems’ entire impeachment strategy rested on the idea that Trump was attempting to investigate the Bidens despite repeated assurances from those Obama holdovers the Dems paraded before us that there was zero cause to do so.

It also looks like they may have found where that “missing” $1.8 billion went.

The Crisis at Our Border


People are pouring over our border, some of whom are just looking for hand-outs that we can’t even afford to provide our own, others are legitimately looking for work and are willing to work under the table well below minimum wage, further making it difficult for US citizens (particularly young people in need of entry-level jobs) to get hired. Which creates societal problems in and of itself.

Many who immigrate illegally end up spending little of the money they make here, choosing instead to live in relative poverty (hey, their choice) and send the rest of the money back to whatever countries they consider their homes.

Worth pointing out too that the majority pouring over our borders are young men from some very violent parts of Latin America, and unlike previous waves of (legal) immigrants, these by and large are refusing to assimilate.

There’s also the national security threat to consider.  The media reported back in October that nearly 100 individuals with ties to Islamic terror groups were plotting to join the caravan as it crossed into Guatemala.  Thankfully, they were apprehended and deported, but the sheer number that were attempting to cross at once is highly alarming.

Very bad people attempt to enter our country all the time.  This is why we work with foreign governments to determine just who is coming here — and why Trump called a temporary halt on immigration from those seven Muslim-majority countries.  (Their governments were refusing to cooperate.  Worth noting also that Obama had been advised to do the same).

Now imagine people from terror-laden regions finding a way around such checks — hell, even abusing the system to suit their own ends.

We’ve been seeing a staggering number of people from Africa and the Middle East paying thousands of dollars for plane tickets to Mexico so they can illegally cross our border.  They know that if they’re caught they can simply claim asylum, then disappear into the country and to hell with their hearings.

Hence the Trump administration’s new rules regarding immigration — which the SCOTUS has now upheld.

Our goodwill is being abused. According to sources Tim Pool has quoted, only 10% of the people who actually bother applying for asylum are even eligible.  What about the people who are actually in need of it?  Why should they be allowed to fall through the cracks? Is this fair to them?  Is it fair to any of us?

There is absolutely a crisis at our border — this isn’t some “Republican talking point”.  Hell, even Obama realized it, and he was far from lackadaisical when it came to illegal immigration.



Whenever a person with particular ideological leanings commits a crime, that crime was ideologically motivated.

Unless they’re Muslim.

Similarly, whenever a cis white male commits mass murder, that CWM is a right-wing terrorist.

Regardless of his actual political leanings.

Nawaz Attack


People are arguing about whether this could be a hoax, but the thought never even crossed my mind, because that would go against EVERYTHING Nawaz stands for, and I am fully convinced he is a man of integrity.

That being said, it’s premature to conclude that the attack was racially motivated.  Nawaz is a public figure.  He’s managed to piss off plenty of people with his views on Brexit — both Brexiters and the Remoaners.  Maybe some asshole doesn’t like his show, or perhaps it was just personal.

The point is, simply calling somebody a name while you attack them isn’t enough to reveal your intent.  Even someone who is racist is capable of committing crimes for non-collectivist reasons.

People need to back the hell off and let the cops do their jobs.

Teen Mom Claims Thieves Stole Babbygurl’s X-Mas & Birthday Presents


I find this woman’s story highly suspect.  There are so many loopholes here, I don’t even know where to begin.  An open window in December?  They took the brand-new WRAPPED television set but left the old one?  They specifically targeted a baby’s birthday and Christmas presents?  And they attempted to cover up their footprints with fabric softener?

Not to stereotype, but this is a single, teenage mother who named her baby Princess Scarlett-Elise.  I don’t buy that she spent £500 on presents for the baby; in fact, I’d be willing to bet £500 that she made the entire story up to obtain sympathy and donations.

Hambeast Walks Away from Tub to Raid Kitchen


We all know that you’re not supposed to walk away with the baby still in the tub, even if you just want to perform a quick little task like throwing an empty bottle into the dishwasher.  I tend to be sympathetic with exhausted parents who make honest-to-god mistakes, such as ducking out into the bedroom when an older child begins throwing up all over the bed, or when the clothes dryer suddenly becomes imbalanced and starts banging up a storm.  (In the case of the first baby, the mom forgot he was in the bath.  In the case of the second, it slipped out of the positioner and drowned in the tiniest bit of water.)  People do make mistakes, and it’s unfortunate when they have to pay for them with a baby’s life.

That being said, this woman’s first mistake was ever having a second child.  No grieving parent is going to lie to investigators about how long the baby was left alone.  A half hour is an incredibly long time to leave a non-sleeping infant alone (not to mention a four-year-old) without at least checking in on them, so I’m willing to bet this was a practice she’d grown comfortable with.  It also wouldn’t surprise me to learn that the baby had been regularly left “in the care” of the autistic four-year-old.

What is it with people utilizing toddlers and preschoolers as babysitters?!  I am equally horrified by the prospect of leaving an autistic, non-verbal four-year-old alone in the tub.