The Woman Wallis


Seventh of April
The year of our Lord, 17—

The Triton has again set sail on this day, the seventh of April.  We return from the Ivory Coast with forty men and a full cargo of pepper, ivory, gold, and other wonders, the full number and weight of which have been carefully accounted for by Mr. Bisley in the ship’s log.

The men are well in health and cheerful in spirit, all eager to return to London after three months at sea and near as many weeks amongst the strange tribes of the Guinea.  They are a Godless people, with dark skin and strange idols, yet they are a blessing in trade, for they fail to appreciate the value of the treasures they hold in abundance.

It has been a profitable yet tiring journey, and I find myself anxious to return home to England and my beloved Catelyn.  God willing, I should be back in her arms as the summer begins.

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