Tennessee Criminalizes Drug-Related Pregnancy Outcomes


The number one problem with this law isn’t that it goes after pregnant women who use drugs, but that it assumes a causal connection that might not even be present.

I have a friend whose mother smoked crack while she was pregnant with him, and he was born missing a finger. I have another friend whose ex-wife didn’t use drugs during her pregnancy, yet their baby was born missing her entire right hand.

We’ve known for decades that use of certain drugs during pregnancy increases the risks of premature birth, low birth weight, and both mental and physical handicaps. We’ve also known that not consuming enough folic acid during the first 28 days of pregnancy or consuming too much Vitamin A leads to anencephaly and miscarriage. What’s next, punishing women whose babies are born defective due to dietary deficiencies?

Second, there’s the issue of criminal culpability. Yes, everyone is aware of the risks of using drugs while pregnant. But what if the drug use occurred prior to a woman’s knowledge of her pregnancy?

I smoked about a pack of cigarettes per day and drank an insane amount of espresso and energy drinks during the first couple months my pregnancy — which is when the majority of birth defects occur — yet I quit cold turkey as soon as I learned I was with child. Not quite the same as smoking crack, I know, but by the time most women learn of their pregnancies, whatever major birth defects are going to occur have most likely occurred!

It is highly unethical to hold someone accountable for the outcome of their pregnancy based on what they did prior to its discovery, especially if they never planned on getting knocked up in the first place.

The application of this law could easily turn into witch hunt against poor women, young women, and racial minorities who miscarry or whose babies are otherwise born with complications. “Baby born missing fingers? Call CPS — let’s grill the bitch. She must’ve used at least once during her pregnancy.” Even if Mom and Baby are both testing clean, this law provides new grounds for CPS to get involved on suspicion alone.

Can’t say I’m a fan of pregnancy drug laws… period. I was offered narcotic pain medication during my third trimester because my “arthritis” (i.e., leg-eating tumor) pain had gotten so bad that I could hardly even walk. I declined the prescription despite the fact that I was spending 10+ hours on my feet each day at work, but I wouldn’t negatively judge someone for making the opposite decision if they were in my place.

Pregnant women can feel agonizing pain too, you know. Would you deny a pregger painkillers if they fell and broke their leg? What about after medically-necessary surgery, such as the removal of a tumor? Fibromyalgia?


Gender-Neutral Restroom Legislation


Let’s make one thing absolutely clear: this law has nothing to do with homosexuality; the ‘T’ is simply too controversial to mention in polite conversation without being prefixed with ‘L,’ ‘G,’ and ‘B.’

Why would any transgendered individual wish to use these restrooms unless they were personally facing harassment?  (Which is highly illegal, by the way.)  There are grueling therapies involved in sexual reassignment, and those who undergo the process are generally required to live full time for a least a year as the gender with which they identify.  Afterwards, it’s considered offensive to suggest that they are anything but a “real man” or a “real woman.”

Even those who don’t opt for the full surgery are unlikely to consider themselves gender neutral, seeing that the most basic tenet of transgendered ideology — or whatever you want to call it — is the distinction between sex (body) and gender (mind).  They *know* who and what they are, only some fluke of nature caused them to be born into the “wrong” type of body.

Actually, I can imagine a lot of transgendered people getting offended by this.  It’s almost suggestive of some neo-Jim Crow law sans any “official” enforcement.

Whom do I foresee using these new gender-neutral restrooms?  People who label themselves LGBT-friendly, women who don’t want to wait in line to tinkle during their lunch breaks, voyeuristic men who like to peek in on said women as they tinkle during their lunch breaks, and opposite-sex couples seeking sexual rendezvous at work.  And it’s not too far-fetched to imagine who will get blamed when that first discarded condom is found and reported: the Trannies, or the LGBs to whom they are inexplicably connected.