Fuck Zuck 🖕


I’m sick of Facebook deboosting my pages.  My main was hit with the maximum (-80%) after my total reach exceeded 250k in a single weekend.

You do nothing to violate their TOS, they come after you anyway, simply because they do not care for your content or the manner in which it is framed.

These are evil, authoritarian ideologues who want to dictate which ideas can and cannot be shared.

Coming to America (@Neville)


Tay says when you come to America, we’re going to introduce you to the following (in no particular order):

1. Dishwashers

2. Garbage disposals (don’t be frightened)

3. Washing machines

4. Dryers

5. Indoor plumbing

6. Steak knives

7. Toothpaste

8. Two-ply toilet paper

9. The automobile (it’s like your horse-drawn carriage, only we got rid of the horses).

10. Proper English

11. The difference between a biscuit and a cookie

12. The difference between fries and chips

13. Ice cubes

14. Modern alternatives to corduroy & tweed

15. Shorts (they’re like pants, only shorter)

16. The English system of measurement

17. Supermarkets (you can find the butcher, the baker, and the candlestick maker all in one place)

18. Law enforcement

19. Homeland security

20. Freedom of speech