Firearms vs Zombies


If guns were illegal, only criminals and zombies would own guns.  Because zombies do not care about the rule of law.

And if zombies had guns, the rest of us would be SO. INCREDIBLY. FUCKED.

Conclusion: It is better to be a criminal than get eaten by a zombie.

FACEBOOK: Epic Dream


Epic dream last night:

Demonic creatures of mercurial morphology fond of cutting themselves with glass had infiltrated The City. My objective was to track them down and eliminate them, armed only with some type of derringer (which might not even have been loaded), explosive sunglasses (evidently multi-use), and stilletto (literally, stilletto) heels. My only allies were a grappling gun and some big Amazon of a Dredd-style traffic Judge who took a while to realize that The Law had bigger problems than my weaving a stolen hoverbike between lanes.

Think Ada Wong vs. The Ghosts of Mars in Silent Hill, peppered with bits of Judge Dredd and Les Miserables.

The weird part is that these sado-masochistic demons communicated in what I took to be Russian. But I suppose that’s what comes of reading Tom Clancy before bed.

A Sword is A Sword


I grew up playing with all sorts of toy weapons — air rifles, phasers, nerf bows, plastic nunchucks and swords — and I love ’em to death.  But I don’t want my kid playing with toy guns until I’m confident he understand the difference between a real gun and a fake one.

My son and I play with swords instead of guns.  Last count, he had twelve of them.  My rule with these is “it’s not a sword unless it is a sword.”  A sword is a sword; a stick is not a sword.  I don’t want my kid picking up sticks on the playground and whacking his friends with them, and when he gets older I most certainly do not want him picking up other objects — say, a poptart — and declaring it to be a gun. That sort of crap is liable to get my kid expelled and my ass busted on suspicion of being some sort of arms dealer.

FACEBOOK: Connecticut Shooting


I don’t care to dissect Adam Lanza’s motive for the elementary school shooting, but I will say this: If “society” bears any fault here, it’s that we’re too willing to excuse evil where we find it.

People love turning villains into victims by shifting responsibility away from the perpetrator and on to forces beyond their control.  Music, video games, guns, and bullies have been blamed time and again for the evil that men do. Is it any wonder the past few decades have seen so many of these mass-murder/suicide scenarios, when notoriety comes tempered with understanding and a certain degree of vindication?