Redesigning The Demon’s makeup to accomodate a one-eyed face is NOT as easy as it may sound, particularly for one who has only recently mastered The Three Basic Forms of the Stick Figure (Panicking, Praying for Mercy, and Post-Drop Hanging).

Yeah, take a wild guess as to what we’re dressing up as this Halloween…


KISS MINION ARMY!!! (…of two.) My kid is a total (/ly evil) genius.

Happy Face


I like dogs that always look like they’re happy.  Seeing a dog grin ear to ear like this, especially in the face of adversity (during thunderstorms, after unsuccessfully apprehending a squirrel, being locked outside on a hot day) both serves to inspire me in my future endeavors and replenish my confidence in a benevolent universe.

What the fuck am I doing up this late?