FACEBOOK: Iron May’n



••••: “May’n, May’n.”

Me: “What?”

••••: “I want May’n!”

Me: “I don’t understand…”

•••• [getting impatient]: “I want May’n!”

Me: “Maiden?”

•••• [nodding]: “May’n.”

Me: “…Iron Maiden??”

••••: “Iron May’n.  I want Iron May’n.”

My dad freaked out when I told him about •••• requesting “Iron May’n.”  He said Iron Maiden isn’t appropriate music for a boy his age.  I asked what was inappropriate about them.  Not knowing a damn thing about Maiden, he replied, “You can’t understand anything they’re saying.”

I’m sorry, you name for me just ONE Iron Maiden song in which you can’t understand the lyrics!  Bruce Dickinson is like the Frank Sinatra of metal.