FACEBOOK: Thanksgiving


I am thankful for Bruce Campbell, Stuart Devenie, Stephen Papps, and Verne Troyer for their heartfelt performances in that holiday masterpiece of American patriotism, “One, Two, Three: Give Me Lady Liberty.”

If you have not seen this episode of Jack of All Trades — a highly-educational historical docuseries brought to you by The Three Sages (Tapert, Raimi, and Campbell) — it means you are a bad American and probably get most of your “History” from reading textbooks.

FACEBOOK: French Revolution


While the French Revolution undoubtedly remains one of the most fascinating and terrifying periods in human history, I must confess to being a little shaky on events following the rise of the Directory.

For no sooner does Napoleon (the little monkey!) enter the stage than I find myself entirely unable to focus on whatever I am reading, so overwhelmed I am by the desire to watch Jack of All Trades.  For what soulless creature does not enjoy hilariously-exaggerated accents, anatomically-correct cow puppets, and making fun of the French?

Nevertheless, Rob Tapert and Verne Troyer have much to answer for.