Epic Twitter Meltdown


Quite possibly the single-greatest Twitter meltdown I have ever witnessed.  This thread has EVERYTHING — identity politics, feminism, victimhood, and the word ‘literally’ misused so many times, I finally stopped counting.

I particularly like the part when she contemplates calling her lawyer and receives a response only nine minutes and five tweets later.  (She then goes on to complain about white Jews complaining about libel.)

As an added bonus, by the end of the thread it becomes clear that this brave womxn of color doesn’t even qualify a Jew under Jewish law.


FACEBOOK: Misused Adverbs


The words ‘randomly’ and ‘literally’ are two of the most grating adverbs in the English language by virtue of how frequently they are misused — even in print.

GET AN EFFING DICTIONARY. Ride a goddamned Alot over to the nearest Barnes & Noble if that’s what it takes, because I *personally guarantee* that the concepts you are struggling to convey will be listed under the respective forms ‘spontaneous’ and ‘figurative’.