I am thoroughly convinced that every person with TDS is suffering from some form of unaddressed mental illness, and that said illnesses are only further complicated by exposure to media messages about Drumph.

The mainstream media provides enough of a cop-out to allow them to lay all of their problems on Trump, and a hearty dose of social media — to which they become addicted — is what unleashes the hysteria.

What you’re ultimately left with are thousands of mentally ill people refusing treatment who are easily weaponized by the Democratic party, which was largely responsible for their cultivation via the media to begin with.

She Persisted


And because the feminists have started doxxing guys on
Twitter (with the encouragement of Creepy Porn Lawyer):

Nobody can stop Jane.
Twitter doesn’t consider this targeted harassment OR giving out
personal information, because: Empowerment and #BelieveWomen.

Unethical Sham


For the record, I am utterly appalled at the way Brett Kavanaugh has been abused by Senate Democrats, the media, and my son’s paternal grandmother.  I’ve had more than enough of the Democratic Party weaponizing mentally-ill women against the rest of us by hand-feeding them Marxist-feminist ideology and spite.

I can only imagine what Brett and his family must be going through, and anyone who wasn’t moved by his tears when he spoke of his ten-year-old daughter is a fucking monster.

I mean it — these Pussy Hats are complete sociopaths, and they’ve done more harm to women than I would have imagined possible when they began crawling out of the woodwork in 2011.

We cannot allow such neo-Stalinist tactics to continue.  Kavanaugh needs to be voted up or down, and Creepy Porn Lawyer just needs to go away.

Never thought I’d want to fist-bump a Republican so badly:

Sock Poppet


Can’t quite see this woman as a murdering psychopath.  She could have easily picked a more direct means of offing the babe, but instead she sticks it in a closet with a sock over its mouth, knowing full well that her husband would only be gone for a short period of time?  I’m guessing she was frustrated, mentally ill, depressed, and almost certainly sleep-deprived.

And an attempted murder charge is simply ridiculous.  If she had wanted to kill the baby, I cannot imagine how it would have survived.  Besides, murder is an act which involves killing a person, and a three-month-old baby does not qualify as a person.  This poor woman could be looking at a good 20-25 years behind bars — if not more!  There really needs to be a separate code of infanticide laws in this country, and “attempted infanticide” shouldn’t even be on the books.  (I mean, how fucking hard can it be to kill an infant?!)

If it were up to me, I’d slap her with some general “infant maltreatment” misdemeanor charge, order her to get help, and release the baby to the husband (under CPS’s watchful eye) on the condition that she not be allowed back inside the house until mental health professionals and Child Protective Services agreed it was safe.