Mommyish Takes on RIE Parenting


At last!  RIE Parenting makes its way over to Mommyish.  Naturally, I had to dig up and share a link to

This RIE blogger and self-proclaimed parenting specialist is fostering her niece, whose parents “couldn’t take care of her” — and apparently, neither can she.  She denies the baby toys, insists that tummy time is grossly disrespectful, and has video clips of the baby girl at 7 months behaving like a 2-month-old, and then again at 11.5 months just beginning to combat-crawl.  The baby is now seventeen months old and but appears to have the motor development of baby half that age.

What I don’t understand is how ALWAYS placing an infant onto its back (even to play!) and hindering its development is supposed to be respectful.  And denying an infant or toddler developmentally-appropriate toys (especially one who is already significantly delayed!) isn’t a “parenting philosophy” — it’s straightforward child neglect.

Here’s a clip of the baby “during an hour long play session in which R., who is five months old, peacefully and contentedly explored and manipulated a piece of wax paper, forever challenging the notion that babies get easily bored”:

EDIT: Someone on Mommyish has taken exception to my “picking on” Lisa (i.e., the blogger and daughter-in-law of RIE’s founder), arguing that there could be reasons behind the child’s developmental delays which have nothing to do with REI.  As I pointed out to her:

I’ve said it before about Attachment Parenting, and the same holds true for RIE: “If a baby has a developmental delay, that’s unfortunate.  If the delay happens as a result of poor parenting, even more so.  But if the delay is clearly caused by a parenting philosophy, that’s just unforgivable.”

Author of “Poverty Thoughts” Essay is a Liar


The media outlets which covered the “Poverty Thoughts” essay have avoided addressing this scandal, or else they’re simply making passing mention of it at the end of some long-winded article full of excerpts from the original essay.  The truth is, Linda Walther Tirado lied about everything, and what’s more, she’s still collecting money on  As of posting this, she has managed to collect $62,138. Utterly despicable.

And just what does she plan on doing with all of the money she’s raised?  I imagine she’ll used it to redecorate.  She is evidently turning her kids’ room into a forest, “because I own this house and I can.”

Angelica Leicht of the Houston Press exposes this woman as a fraud with frank details of her luxurious lifestyle:


Also, click here for a look at the “roach-infested motel” in which Linda Walther Tirado and her family currently reside.

“Body Shaming”


This is ridiculous.  My body is not as nice as this woman’s, nor would I ever post such scantly-clad pictures of myself online, but do I feel the least bit threatened by her postpartum body?  OF COURSE NOT!  Her beauty has in no way been achieved at the expense of mine, nor at anyone else’s expense.

Any woman who feels threatened by another woman’s beauty clearly lacks self esteem, and that isn’t something that’s going to be fixed by blasting some poor stranger over the Internet.  These women ought to be ashamed of their reactions.  Last time I checked, beauty was still a thing to be valued.