I just don’t understand this whole Minecraft craze.  I mean, it has no discernible plot, and the graphics are a throwback to the original Tomb Raider.

It’s 2018, dammit!  There ought to be nude codes and the option for gender reassignment in high definition.

My kid’s taste in video games really sucks. ☹️

FACEBOOK: Hour of the Spider


It was like something out of a nightmare.  Woke up last night to pee, looked in the mirror and ran my hand through my hair, when suddenly there appeared a glossy-black spider approximately the size of my thumbnail, scurrying down my hand.

I shrieked, slapped my hand against my leg and ripped off all my clothes, which are still in a pile just outside the bathroom door.  I then spent the next half-hour obsessively brushing my hair to make sure there weren’t any more spiders in there.  When I finally felt comfortable enough for clothes, I combed through my closet and drawers looking for something light-colored, but there wasn’t a goddamned thing to be found.

Murderous spider (black widow?) yet at large.

CP on FB


If parents who post nude photographs of their babies and children on Facebook are going to claim that newborn “apricot balls,” “hamburger,” or pictures of a spread-eagled baby girl aren’t sexual, then they really ought to quit sexually objectifying their children.  “Look at my little Nevaeh’s vagina!  Isn’t it cute as a button!  And she’s so gosh-darn flexible.  Her future sex partners are sure going to be pleased!”

Unless they’re actually flattered by the notion of an Internet pedophile fapping to pictures of their babies.  Come to think of it, I can’t think of a better LEGAL way to share softcore child porn than what these parents are doing.

I suppose the only thing worse is when they put this shit up on YouTube.  Caution: this video is nothing but 3:03 of newborn vag, and I’m posting it solely to drive home my point.