Not Obama


I just discovered that this is an ACTUAL person, and her name is Jennifer Rubin.

I honestly thought this was white transgender Obama.

That’s some seriously spooky shit.


RE: Pregger Tweet


Something similar once happened to me, only it was the morning of Obama’s inauguration, and I was trying to visit my son’s father in a DC hospital.  He had a collapsed lung, and it would have been impossible to drive in that day.

I was visibly pregnant, and there wasn’t even enough room to sit on the floor.

I wasn’t about to ask someone to give up their seat (because: pride), but after about an hour, the woman who’d been leading the incessant chants of “OBAMA! OBAMA!” finally insisted that someone (anyone, male or female) needed to give up their seat for me.

Not one person was willing — presumably because I’d refused to join in the chanting, even after being prompted to do so by multiple people.

The woman was visibly embarrassed, and she went from chanting about Obama to vocalizing her disgust with everyone who was seated.  Which was kind of her.  She even insisted I take her only bottle of water.

I think she was trying to make their behavior into a feminist issue, but the reality was, those people were simply assholes.

FACEBOOK: Election Hysteria


You know what’s really great about this country? A complete psychopath could assume the Presidency, and not only would his/her potential to cause harm be vastly limited in scope, we also retain the option of ousting that individual after four years — or sooner, if need be.

Remember the Obamapocalypse that never actually happened? Sure, a case could easily be made for why he has been one of the worst presidents in history, but the bottom line is, we’re still here.