FACEBOOK: I Like Being a Mom


Having a first grader in the house sure is tops, baby.  I mean, who else is about to listen to me lecture ad nauseum on Batman villains or be blown away by the suggestion that absent the paternal guidence of one Alfred Pennyworth, Bruce Wayne could have easily become Gotham City’s answer to Lex Luthor?

If I didn’t have a kid of my own, I’ve no doubt the local vice squad would be keeping tabs on me for loitering in front of elementary schools: “Pssst… hey, kid… you like Batman?  Huh?  The Dark Knight, yeah?  Ever read a pre-Final Crisis Detective Comic?  No, don’t look ’round, don’t look ’round.

Notorious White Supremacist Has “Black DNA”


Saw This:

Thought of This:

Ouch.  As usual, Reverend Jesse Custer hits ’em where it hurts.  I mean, just check out some of the choice specimens championing Cobb’s cause and his White Man’s Bible.

On another note, what must one do to be declared a “hate crimes fugitive” in Canada?  Apparently, operate a racist website out of Vancouver and then leave town.  I swear I’m not making this up.

Preacher / Darkness Crossover


Fifteen years later, I am still waiting on Ennis and Silvestri to team up for a Preacher / Darkness crossover.  I can just see it now: Herr Starr, seeking revenge against Jesse Custer for making his head look like a giant penis, decides the Grail will do better to find itself a new messiah… in one Jackie Estacado.

ESTACADO: “…the hell are you supposed to be, Sonatine’s Kraut cousin?”

DARKLING #1: “Or what’s left of him!”

ESTACADO: “No, fuck this secret-society bullshit.  I’ve got enough of my own problems to worry about without getting dragged into the Second Coming.”

DARKLING #2: “Hey boss, does this guy’s head kinda remind you of something?”

[DARKLING #3 gets ahold of the special “device” contained within Herr Starr’s briefcase.]

DARKLING #3: “Yo, Jackie! Look at me — I’m a unicorn!”