My greatest vexation is the “opioid epidemic”.  People lack the moral character to take responsibility for their addictions, so they expect the government to step in and relieve them of that responsibility.  Politicians on both sides of the aisle are more than happy to oblige for the PR points, which has led to the systemic persecution of doctors who prescribe opioid pain medicines.

The media turns a blind eye to the disgusting tactics being employed because they were largely responsible for manufacturing this “crisis” in the first place.  (Hell, they make martyrs of these cretins!)

Nobody gives a shit about the people for whom these drugs (many of which are indeed safe for long-term use) are medically necessary.

But I suppose illness and infirmity are ugly, whereas addiction has become fetishized by pop culture.


Russian Bot


All this talk about Russian bots
is seriously making me paranoid.


I don’t know who I am anymore!

I don’t know WHAT I am anymore!


Is ‘Russian’ a gender or a sexuality?


That… doesn’t really answer my question.

FACEBOOK: Medical Crap


Next time I get near a computer, I’ll have to share my most recent experiences with medical specialists, which are kind of hilarious yet also very sad. I swear, this shit never seems to happen to anyone else; I’m talking about stuff like federal prison sentences for illegal distribution of narcotics, lost medical records detailing my ENTIRE cancer treatment, and I’m pretty sure one of them is trying to draw me into some kind of Ponzi scheme, because I can think of no legitimate reason to refer me to multiple others within his field for separate yet NOT unrelated orthopedic complaints.

I wish I were a cyborg. Then all I’d have to worry about would be finding a decent mechanic, which is bound to be less of a crap shot than finding a decent doctor.